Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Favorite 2013 Calendar

Less the talking, let me just show you why I love this 2013 calendar.

 Free! Free! Free! A dozen of FREE’s!

And my much awaited top favorites are...

February. Lovely Heart Shaped Doughnut. <3

 March. Chiller for the hottest month of the year.

 November. Less Scary Halloween courtesy of Cute Mr Pumpkin.

 December. Oh Mr Snowman!

What’s really great is that I don’t need to purchase anything to get the treats. 

I bet 2013’s gonna be a Krispy Kreme-filled year!
Thanks Krispy Kreme for the JOY all year round...and, of course, for the Calendar! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Girls certainly wish unwanted hair all be gone. (So do I.) Friends tell me waxing is the best and most effective way of having your skin perfectly neat ,but it is the most painful among the traditional shaving and plucking methods. Months ago, I went to a waxing studio in Makati to try and have my underarm hair free. It was scary for a first timer to try it, of course. I got more anxious when they had me sign a waiver indicating that procedures might cause redness, pain and all. But then I still tried. They are using a chewing gum like wax in removing all the hair. The Wax Specialist had to make lots of pulls (repeatedly) to remove all of it. And it was quiet painful. Too bad for my first time waxing experience, whatever’s written on the waiver are correct. Some pores bleed, and redness came after.

Referred by my sister, I went to MOA to have a 2nd attempt at Bare Skin Waxing Studio. I guess all waxing studios have their clients sign a waiver because they have it there also. The Receptionist asked me which Underarm Wax I prefer. One is Cold Wax which costs 140php and the other is Warm Wax which costs 280php. I chose the warm one. It is a high-quality Warm European Wax; less painful since its temperature will make my pores open and the procedure easier. She also explained to me that it would take 2-3 weeks for hair to re-grow after the session. She suggests attending 5 or more sessions with 3-4 weeks interval to attain the best result waxing could effect on skin. Underarm skin would be smoother, softer, and fairer in no time. Overall, the procedure went well, no bleeding, less redness. It only took her 2-3 pulls from each of my underarm, applied some moisturizer, and we’re all done.  Everything I basically need to know was also explained to me. I’d definitely come back for sessions.

Photo is not mine. I got it from Google.
Many thanks to the actual owner.
What else to know?

Location – Mall of Asia Branch; South Wing
Operating Hours – Monday to Sunday;Accepts clients from 10AM to 10PM
Who assisted me? – Her name is Grace. She’s nice and accommodating, I must add.

What's for dinner?

Malling for me is not merely to shop (or window shop), to fill in off times, or to hang around with family and friends. A time to make a choice of what to eat is the best motivation I have whenever I am going out in a mall.

Fruits and vegetables are the firsts on my list since Momma usually serves more meat, less fruits and veggies at home. Well, I could also mention that I am slightly health-conscious and I am aiming to have a slimmer figure as well. (That must have been a secret!)

The first store comes on my mind is FRUIT MAGIC! It is their Pure Nectar that I am thirsty for. Fruit Magic’s Pure Nectar is 100% pure juice of a fruit of your choice or mixed with other fruits you like. Suggestions they have for mixed juices on their menu board are The Body Cleanser, Cold Defender, Olympian, Anti-Cancer, and Smooth as Silk.

What I am having for dinner tonight is Cold Defender. It is a combination of orange, pineapple, and carrot juices in a cup. I'm taking a 22oz cup of that ‘hale and hearty’ Cold Defender for 140php. Imagine how much your body will be able to digest all the nutrients it offers!

It is the excellent source of Vitamin C, and, in addition, it 
contains vitamin A, the B vitamins, amino acids, beta-carotene, pectin, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, chlorine and iron. Oranges help in preventing a lot, from Constipation to Skin diseases, Heart diseases, and Cancer. Wow. That’s too much!

It contains Vitamin C, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. This fruit wonder helps you in Digestion, Inflammation, and some Respiratory Conditions.

They are rich in Beta Carotene which is a powerful antioxidant and helps in maintaining a healthy skin, eyes, and teeth; also keep one away from many diseases.

All those 3 are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Wow. 
That’s too much for a cup!

Not to put more elaboration on the taste…delicious as it seems.

The nourishment you can get from a drink (or a meal) is truly just around the corner! Visit a Fruit Magic stand and give your precious body a treat!

Some photos are not mine. I got them from Google.
Many thanks to the actual owners!

SINGAPORE and a little of MALAYSIA: Everything New to Me

Going out of the country is totally new to me and I was so excited! Enthusiasm is all into me to share to you all my firsts and the unusual things to me; my best and worst experiences!

My Favorites

Bills and Coins. SGD & RM. Counting ones and cents made me a little doubtful with my math.
It feels like a child giving much value on every cent in my hand.

Ice Cream on a Bread for 1.20 SGD; it tastes so good, it must be branded;Comes with lots of flavors; We tried Mango, Coffee, and Chocolate! 
Hot Coffee; it tastes good actually but what’s unusual (but cute) is that they use straw when they take a sip;
This is how they take out (take away—how they call it) hot coffee…with straws!
Fruits; Colorful Fruits are Healthy! 
½ kg of Grapes for 2 SGD, bigger than Pinoy Grapes but tastes equally sweet!
Cucumber with catsup; who would have thought they match!
Chicken Rice; a meal for only 2SGD!
60 minute foot reflexology for 29SGD, Pricey but it was worth it! They first soaked my feet in warm water in a basin then they do the foot reflexology with lotion.
Vegetable Pens! 3 for 10SGD to own these cuties!
EZ Link Card. The Ticket to Singapore.
 Bean curd Pudding in Chocolate for SGD1.70
Cream-O in Strawberry and Blueberry Flavor for sale in Malaysia 

The Nightmare

This trip was planned a year before the date of flight. I took advantage of the 11PHP fare-seat sale of Cebu Pacific Air last year; it was 11/11/11. I only paid less than 2,500 per person for a Manila-Singapore-Manila ticket. I felt like a champ that time!

Our flight going to SG went smooth. We did not encounter any problems with our baggage and with the Immigration. From there, we went straight to our hostel and set out what’s in the itinerary I’ve made a year ago until our last hours in SG.  I was at my happiest state when, though not all, we almost managed to do all what’s planned.

…and I will be sharing to you what we had there in my next posts.

So our 4 days in SG had to end; we utilized our EZLink Card and made use of SMRT to go to Changi Airport. At the Changi Airport Terminal in SMRT, a Flight Information Board is readily available for our reference. I immediately searched for our flight which was at 1:30pm. To my surprise, there were only two flights for CebuPac in the Board for that afternoon; one took the flight past 30 minutes already and the other will be at 2:40pm. Being confused, we had no choice but to ask someone from SMRT. Though communication is a bit hard for us, I managed to understand that she is directing us to Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. …So we went there.

Along our way to CebuPac’s Check in Counter, there was another Flight Information Board. We stopped. I took my time waiting for our flight to be flashed on the board. I also gave another look on our CebuPac Itinerary Receipt Print Out. Unexpectedly, a feeling of cold rush was all over me to realize that our plane took its flight at 1:30AM. Oh my God. The feeling was totally unexplainable. I have prepared for this for a year, and months passed without me realizing that I am overlooking on something. I admit I neglected on some parts of planning due to excitement and stress from scheduling and buying tickets. Well, reality and nightmare mixed up in front of me.

…and oh, we bought the ticket going back to Manila for the 2:40pm flight and it costs us around 7,000.00 per person. Aw.

The Lesson: Always double check all your plans for a trip, because if you don’t, it will charge you not just to experience. But if things like this are unavoidable to happen, just remember what little things made you delightful before it all took place.

AN ATTRACTION: Changi Airport

Moving on from the worst experience, we tried to make ourselves busy around Changi Airport since our flight will be at 2:40PM. I can generally say, maybe, Changi Airport is one of the best Airport all over the world…I don’t know since this is my first International Airport I’ve landed.


- Themed Gardens. Strolling on the various gardens all over the Airport is just plain relaxing.

- I’m not sure when it was built, but the construction is barely new or newly renovated. Or maybe it is old but well maintained. Just dirt free.

- Children's Play Area; Time can never be wasted even for kids.

- There are Water Stations and Comfort Rooms everywhere. By the time you get thirsty or feel the need to pee, you’ll be standing next to it!

- Brochures about going around SG are all over the place. First timers like me don’t have to worry much; flyers are very informative and easy to understand.

- E-Postcards! Computers with cam are located at the center of the floor, near the cafes. It’s easy to navigate. In three simple steps, you can send the photos to anyone in the world to their emails! (Or send it to yourself like I did!)
I’m sorry had to blur the photos, we are at our most haggard looks! (You know why---7,000.00/pax?)

- Free Wifi! Free use of Computers! Gotta post a stat on my FB!

- Flat Screens and Lazy Boy Look Alike Seats. There are lots of them with TV Screens in front, playing different shows. It’s up for you to choose where to seat and what to watch.

- Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and LAN Gaming; Big and little boys have their own area at the Entertainment Deck at Terminal 2

- Tracing with Colors. It is an Art Station for kids. It is a large wooden carved table with papers on the side. I’m tempted to try it but I was so shy because people might see me and it’s not meant for adults like me. Hehe.

- Two-hour Free Singapore Tour. Whoa! This is something we regretfully missed. We could have lessen our budget on going around the city, if we only knew.

-Foot and Calf Massage Stations. This is where  we stayed most of the waiting time we had.
 It was just perfect for our aching feet.

I might be missing on some great things to do in Changi Airport but in the Massage Station, I need not to look for other things to kill our waiting time.

I’ll be posting more of our SG and Malaysia Trip soon! And please follow me!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Film Showing for the Kids this Halloween
I'm just so proud to say that I was the one who made this signage. 
Well, you can blame it all on the Artistic side of Me! :D

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Your Ultimate Makeover!

Love is the greatest beautifier. Have you found yours? 
Got this from "365 Little Reasons to Celebrate Today" by DayMaker.