Saturday, December 1, 2012


Girls certainly wish unwanted hair all be gone. (So do I.) Friends tell me waxing is the best and most effective way of having your skin perfectly neat ,but it is the most painful among the traditional shaving and plucking methods. Months ago, I went to a waxing studio in Makati to try and have my underarm hair free. It was scary for a first timer to try it, of course. I got more anxious when they had me sign a waiver indicating that procedures might cause redness, pain and all. But then I still tried. They are using a chewing gum like wax in removing all the hair. The Wax Specialist had to make lots of pulls (repeatedly) to remove all of it. And it was quiet painful. Too bad for my first time waxing experience, whatever’s written on the waiver are correct. Some pores bleed, and redness came after.

Referred by my sister, I went to MOA to have a 2nd attempt at Bare Skin Waxing Studio. I guess all waxing studios have their clients sign a waiver because they have it there also. The Receptionist asked me which Underarm Wax I prefer. One is Cold Wax which costs 140php and the other is Warm Wax which costs 280php. I chose the warm one. It is a high-quality Warm European Wax; less painful since its temperature will make my pores open and the procedure easier. She also explained to me that it would take 2-3 weeks for hair to re-grow after the session. She suggests attending 5 or more sessions with 3-4 weeks interval to attain the best result waxing could effect on skin. Underarm skin would be smoother, softer, and fairer in no time. Overall, the procedure went well, no bleeding, less redness. It only took her 2-3 pulls from each of my underarm, applied some moisturizer, and we’re all done.  Everything I basically need to know was also explained to me. I’d definitely come back for sessions.

Photo is not mine. I got it from Google.
Many thanks to the actual owner.
What else to know?

Location – Mall of Asia Branch; South Wing
Operating Hours – Monday to Sunday;Accepts clients from 10AM to 10PM
Who assisted me? – Her name is Grace. She’s nice and accommodating, I must add.

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  1. I would love to have arms like the lovely girl shown! I never thought about the warm wax being less risky since it opens up the pores. Glad to have come across this, and am considering trying this as well. c: